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About Us

Cell Biotech International was founded in 2006 as a European sales and marketing affiliate
by Dr. Myung Jun Chung, CEO of Cellbiotech.

Dr. Chung studied his microbiology PhD in Technical University of Denmark in 1995 and has strong ties to Denmark.
This is why Denkmark was chosen to become the head office for all commercial activities in Europe.
We are ready to support your ideas and bring your project to the market.

Nobody knows more about probiotics than Cell Biotech.
Our knowledge is extensive and we offer all aspects related to developing the probiotic product you wish
for the benefit of our long-term partnerships.

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DUOLAC® Double-coating technology

second to none

In 2008 Cell Biotech received the European patent registration of the DUOLAC® Double-coating technology for probiotics.

As described Cell Biotech offers a “second to none” probiotics coating ensures 100 times higher survival rate in the intestines
after exposure to both the acid in the stomach as well as the bile salts.

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We are specialists

Cell Biotech is passionate about probiotics and our 20 years of R&D experience can combine your market requires.
Through patented coating and bio technology, Cell Biotech has established unrivalled processes and product formulations.

Moreover, through our proven marketing concepts and product solutions,
Cell Biotech International is specialist in marketing our products and can offer you competent support in all business-to-consumer areas.