A variety of solutions to meet the diverse needs of our business partners


A solid foundation

We offer a broad selection of proprietary strains. All of them are highly adherent and resilient, enabling us to create unique formulas and delivery systems.
Lab2Pro is our quality assurance stamp. Together with our Matrix Component Protection System, it is your guarantee of safety, stability, durability, mixability, strain identification and documentation. Whatever your demands, we can provide a solution to match.


Dual Coating

A solid foundation.



Lab2Pro Treatments concepts are targeted lactic acid bacteria mixtures for those situations

LAB2PRO Stop Cry

LAB2PRO™ Stop Cry

  • Alleviates acute diarrhea and colic in babies and rebalances the gut flora.

LAB2PRO Atopic Derma

LAB2PRO™ Atopic Derma

  • Alleviates and manages both adult and childhood atopic dermatitis.

LAB2PRO Milk Again

LAB2PRO™ Milk Again

  • Alleviates bloating, gas and pain in the gut after intake of milk products containing lactose.

LAB2PRO Slim Again

LAB2PRO™ Slim Again

  • Reduction of obesity in children aged 4-17 (in combination with controlled diet and exercise).

LAB2PRO AAD Body Cop (Prolac-TTM)

LAB2PRO™ AAD Body Cop(Prolac-TTM)

  • Contains Prolac-TTM which helps alleviate diarrhea during and after antibiotics treatment.

LAB2PRO Travel

LAB2PRO™ Travel

  • Alleviates diarrhea and maintains a healthy gut while travelling.

LAB2PRO Relieve

LAB2PRO™ Relieve

  • Alleviates symptoms of constipation and rebalances the gut flora in elderly people.

LAB2PRO Calm Gut

LAB2PRO™ Calm Gut

  • Alleviates bloating, gas and pain in the gut in adults (e.g. proven effect on IBS)



Lab2Pro Daily concepts are for everyday use to support and maintain a healthy internal balance, a strong immune defense and a well-functioning stomach.

LAB2PRO Healthy Baby

LAB2PRO™ Healthy Baby

  • Normalizes the gut flora in babies and optimizes the immune system. Specially developed powder formulation, which can be mixed into water or milk for easy ingestion.

LAB2PRO Newborn Baby – Oil drops

LAB2PRO™ Newborn Baby – Oil drops

  • Normalizes the gut flora in newborn babies and optimizes the immune system. Specially developed oil formulation, which is easily ingested by infants.

LAB2PRO Healthy Kids

LAB2PRO™ Healthy Kids

  • Ensures a healthy gut flora in kids during the growing phase, thus optimizing digestion and increasing the absorption of necessary vitamins and minerals.

LAB2PRO Daily Robust

LAB2PRO™ Daily Robust

  • Restores and maintains a balanced gut flora in adults.

LAB2PRO Immune Shield

LAB2PRO™ Immune Shield

  • Contributes to the normal function of the immune defense and reduces tiredness and fatigue.

LAB2PRO Silent Gut

LAB2PRO™ Silent Gut

  • Contributes to the metabolism of fatty acids and improves digestion in adults.

LAB2PRO Easy Digest

LAB2PRO™ Easy Digest

  • A superior combination of enzymes and probiotics ensures the best possible digestion conditions.